It all started in 1903, when a small canned vegetable company was born in the United States – the Minnesota Valley Canning Company. The Green Giant made his first appearance in 1925. He was named after a particularly large variety of pea harvested and sold by the company.Through the years, he evolved into a friendlier—and greener—character, known for presiding over the vegetables grown in his valley with a deep “Ho, Ho, Ho!”. In 1950, he became the iconic symbol for the company, when the Minnesota Valley Company became the Green Giant Company. He arrived in the United Kingdom in 1960, bringing his delicious vegetables with him.

With his famous catch phrase, the Green Giant inspires kids and grown ups alike to eat more vegetables – helping them to achieve their 5-a-day…


The Green Giant wants to bring his tasty vegetable goodness to everybody for generations to come, which is why he grows all his produce as sustainably as possible. From seed to kernel, new ideas and practices are constantly being introduced to keep all the vegetables just the way the Green Giant likes them – Green!

The Green Giant Circle of Goodness illustrates how sustainability is built into every phase of our business from the growing of sweet corn, to our energy-efficient processing plant, to giving back to the community.


All the fields where Green Giant sweet corn is grown are within 170km of the factory, minimising travel as much as possible.100% of the corn husks and cobs go back to farmers to be used as cattle food.All sweet corn and specialities packaging is recyclable: this includes cans, jars, carton trays, labels and shrinkwraps. The cans are made of 56% recycled steel and the jars of 60% recycled glass.


From the Seed

Green Giant has been growing vegetables for over a century. Sweet corn is at the heart of the Green Giant, and one of his favourite vegetables to grow. Our sweet corn varieties are carefully selected to be juicy, crisp and delicious.

To the Farm

In the perfect growing conditions of Southwest France, a co-operative of farmers take great pride in caring for the vegetables they grow, and the Giant Valley they grow them in. Years of experience allows us to predict when the sweet corn will reach its optimal stage of ripeness, so it can be harvested when it’s at its best.

To your Plate

Green Giant sweet corn is picked at the peak of perfection, then packed in less than 24 hours, so it reaches you at its best.

  • Gently steamed in the can
  • 5-a-Day goodness locked in
  • Packed using a vacuum technique to ensure your sweet corn reaches you full of flavour


What does steam locked goodness mean?

The Green Giant carefully steams his sweet corn in the can, so it stays crisp and juicy. 80g of Green Giant sweet corn counts as 1 of your 5 a day – so it really is “steam locked goodness”.

How does the steaming process work?

The sweet corn is harvested just as it reaches maturity, then packed within 24 hours. The fresh sweet corn kernels are placed into cans with a very small amount of water, before vacuum-sealing the can. Heat is then applied so that the sweet corn gently steams inside the can. Because it’s steamed, the sweet corn retains its crunchy texture and juicy, delicious taste.

The steaming process has long been used by the Green Giant and is crucial to bringing you a unique and high quality product we are very proud of.